How to change the WiFi password of the RCN router?

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The vulnerability in a internet navigation is a situation no one wants to be in, as this can:

  • Make you prone to cyber theft.
  • Slow down your internet connection.
  • Give strangers unwitting access to your personal data.

How do I avoid insecurity on my network?

The most effective way to avoid being a victim of insecurity on your wireless is to provide protection by changing your user data and password from time to time, making your network safer and faster.

We invite you to protect your Internet network to avoid being a victim of scams, identity theft and theft of important data that are handled online.

changing your wireless name & key rcn modem

Changing and setting up my Wi-Fi name and key

It is very important to keep your wireless network secure so you should update your passwords that come pre-installed by default.

Through Cisco Connect software

  1. Launch “Cisco Connect” software.
  2. Clic “change” below “Router Settings”.
  3. Accept the warning.
  4. In name (SSID) and password field enter new data.
  5. Press “change”.
  6. Save changes.

Arris Wireless Modem

  1. Open the IP: in your browser.
  2. Supply “admin” in Username and “password” in Password field then “Apply”.
  3. Go to “Security settings”.
  4. In “Pre-shared key” enter a new Wi-Fi passcode.
  5. Save settings.

Arris SBG7400AC2 gateway

  1. Launch the URL: in your address bar.
  2. Set “admin” for Username and “password” for Password and click “Apply”.
  3. Tap in “BASIC SETUP” left menu.
  4. In “Wireless 2.4 GHz” section fill “Wireless Network Name (SSID)” if needed and the Wi-Fi passcode in “Pre-Shared Key” box.
  5. Repeat the previous step to “Wireless 5 GHz” section.
  6. Ends with “Apply”.

Arris SBG6580

  1. Go to the home page:
  2. Fill “admin” for Username and “motorola” for Password and press “Login”.
  3. Touch “Wireless” and “Primary Network” left menu.
  4. In “Network Name (SSID)” field add a new wireless name.
  5. Modify your Wi-Fi passcode in “WPA Pre-Shared Key” box.
  6. Finally “Apply”.

How can you reset or reboot your RCN Wi-Fi router?


  • What you have to do is disconnect the power cable from your modem/router and wait 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds reconnect the cable and wait until the lights stop flashing and everything is on.
  • Then try your internet again.


  • You have to go to the back of your device and locate a small hole and press it, use a clip or needle about 15 seconds until the lights start to turn off
  • Wait another 15 – 30 seconds until everything turns on normally.
  • The access data as user and password will be those that come from the factory.

Security on your Wi Fi network

Security is very important when it comes to internet connection, because if it gets into unknown hands, we put our personal information at risk.

Disadvantages of not having a secure internet network

  • By being a victim of insecurity, we put our information at risk, risking our protection.
  • We become responsible for everything that the cyber criminal does with our network connection.
  • The internet connection becomes slow and unstable.

The best way to protect your Wi Fi network is to personalize your networks, since this way you make it difficult for unknown people to access them. Security on your internet network is not something to be taken lightly, we invite you to protect it.

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