How to change the WiFi password of the Spectrum & Charter router?

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Although the easiest thing to do when buying a router is to leave it without a passcode, this could bring you serious risks.

Having Internet with Wifi is very important, because with it we access the bank, our email, we do online work, we have contacts of family and friends, etc. It is better to protect your home’s Wireless, to avoid being hacked, that’s possible.

If the Wi-Fi belongs to a company, the care must be much greater. It is very common for someone to be hacked for not protecting their Wi-Fi network and, as a result, important information could be lost or personal information could simply come to light.

If you do not have a security system, the data on all your devices (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.) are vulnerable to hackers.

changing wi-fi charter spectrum modem key

How do I change my Time Warner Cable (TWC) now Spectrum Name & Password?

Updating your Wi-Fi key periodically is important because sometimes you can see neighbors or people outside you who have your passcode without permission and that is a security risk, for this you must configure your router or modem with the appropriate security parameters with a easy few steps, you can use a laptop, smartphone or tablet, any of these devices are supported.

Through the official home website

  1. Go to URL:
  2. Supply the “Username” and “Password” and “Sign In” if you don’t have this information click “Create a Username”.
  3. Select “Manage my Account option” and later your “Internet”.
  4. Choose your device and clic on “See Device Information”.
  5. Press on “Password” and then “Change password”.
  6. Add a new passcode and “Save Changes”.

From Spectrum App on phone

  1. Launch Spectrum App or install it, enter your “Email ID” and “Username” or “Phone number”.
  2. On the bottom of the page touch on the “Internet”.
  3. Select your Network name (SSID).
  4. Tap on “Change Spectrum Wifi settings”.
  5. Type your actual Wi-Fi key.
  6. Then add a new passcode.

Arris TG1672G

  1. Open the IP address: in your favorite web browser.
  2. Use “admin” as Username and “password” as Password for login.
  3. In “System Basic Setup” screen choose “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  4. Add a new “Name (SSID)” and modify the old key “Password”.
  5. Ends up saving settings.


  1. Go to: in your adress bar.
  2. Fill Username with “admin” and Password with “admin”.
  3. Clic “Advanced” -> “Network” -> “Wireless” -> “Basic”.
  4. Set your “Network name” and your Wi-Fi passcode in “Password” box.
  5. Save changes.

Netgear 3800

  1. Launch the official web:
  2. Enter “admin” in Username and “password” in the Password field.
  3. Click in “Settings” then “Access Control”.
  4. Select “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  5. Modify the “Name (SSID)” (Wireless name) for whatever you want and “Passphrase” (Wi-Fi passcode) too.
  6. Finish with “Apply”.


  1. Open the IP:
  2. Supply “admin” in Username and “admin” in Password box.
  3. Choose “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  4. Go to “Basic”.
  5. Type your new “Network name (SSID)” and “Password” (key).
  6. Ends by saving settings.

Sagemcom 5260

  1. Go to URL:
  2. Use “admin” for Username and Password field.
  3. Tap on “Router Settings”.
  4. Change your “Network name (SSID)” and Wi-Fi “Password”.
  5. Select “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  6. Then save changes.

Technicolor TC8717T

  1. Launch the web address: in your favorite browser
  2. Type “admin” in Username and “password” in Password box.
  3. Press in “Gateway” later “Connection” and “WiFi”.
  4. Touch “Edit” button on “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  5. In “Network name (SSID)” you can modify your wifi name and the Wi-Fi passcode in “Password”.
  6. Clic “Save Settings”.

Ubee DVW32CB

  1. Open the IP: on the internet.
  2. Enter “admin” in Username and you’ll get the passcode on the sticker behind your modem/router for Password field.
  3. Click “Wireless”.
  4. Choose “2.4GHz” or “5GHz”.
  5. Add a new “Network name (SSID)” and “WPA preshared key” what is your wireless key.
  6. Finish with “Apply”.

Wave 2 – RAC2V1K

  1. Go to web address:
  2. Supply “admin” for Username and Password box then click “Login”.
  3. Tap “Wizard” top menu and touch “Network Setup” left menu.
  4. In 2.4GHz section fill “WiFi Network Name” and “WiFi Password” for your wireless network.
  5. In 5GHz check box “Same as 2.4GHz”.
  6. End by pressing “Apply”.

Reset my internet connection

  1. First disconnect the main power cord and remove the batteries.
  2. Wait 30 seconds and then put the batteries back in and connect the power cord and wait until it has completely reset, i.e. the lights are no longer flashing.
  3. Test your internet connection again.

Other routers or modems

  1. In most of the routers or modems you have to access to the IP address: in your favorite browser.
  2. Once logged in you have to look for the section where it says Wireless, WiFi, Gateway Name or SSID, your Wi-Fi key can appear in the WPA Pre-Shared Key field ready to be modified.

Table with common spectrum wifi passwords list according to your modem/router model

Username: admin
Password: password
Username: (Blank username)
Password: admin
Username: user Password: userUsername: admin Password: (See the sticker on the back of the device)Username: admin Password: userUsername: admin Password: Motorola
Arris DG1670A / DG860A / TG1672G / TG852G / TG862GTechnicolor Thomson RCA DWG875AUbee Ambit DDW3611 / DDW365 / DVW3201BUbee Ambit DDW36C / DVW32CBUbee Ambit DVW3201BArris Motorola SBG6580
Technicolor Thomson RCA TCM8715D / TC8717T

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